Friday, January 9, 2009

Twelve Truths

My reintroduction into the world of spirituality, after some preparation in the world of American Indian teachings, was Don Miguel Ruiz. Since he comes out of the South American Indian tradition, it was a natural intermediary for me. His exposition was simple and direct, but eye-opening, as if I had always known this truth, but needed this reminder.

Since then, I’ve traveled forward through Eckhart Tolle, Anthony DeMello, Gurdjieff, Christian Sacred Wisdom, Adyashanti, Robert Adams, Sailor Bob and Neo-Advaita, all the way to Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, and finally back to the ancient truths of the Bhagavad Gita and even further back to the crystalline and wondrous Upanishads. And I’m sure I’ve left out several others as well.

Still, when I look back at Ruiz and what I learned, I realize that his teachings still hold true. I am very grateful to his presence, and thank the universe for leading me to his books. This posting is just another note of gratitude. There can never be enough of those.

I recently reviewed my summary of his teaching which I had written for my own use, and still see its truth. His teaching is a perfect elementary introduction for seekers. Personally, I needed to locate the sources, get to the ultimate truth of the self and Self, but in many ways, one could do no better than be where I began.

The Twelve Truths of Don Miguel Ruiz

Three Pre-Conditions
-The original sin is belief in the lies of knowledge (thought).
-I was domesticated into this knowledge and its main lie of my imperfection.
-All human suffering is caused by believing in these lies.

Two Current Situations
-With knowledge I am dreaming my virtual reality.
-I only know the stories (dreams) I create about others and myself, but I mistakenly believe them as Truth.

Four Resolutions
-Don't believe myself or anyone else, but just listen in the event something rings true.
-Feel the reality of my emotions, and pay attention to their source: especially the lies I believe causing suffering.
-Pray and perform rituals to recover my faith which has been invested in these lies.
-Practice the Four Agreements and take Action:
   ~be impeccable with my word, for my word is my dream
   ~don’t take things personally, for that is their dream and this is mine
   ~don’t make assumptions; these only lead to lies
   ~always do my best, for my best conscious action will quiet the voice of knowledge

Three Directions
-Create my second dream by loving What I am.
-I am the ecstatic force of Life, the great mystery that cannot be described by words or knowledge, but only known directly.
-Tell my new story with the silent voice of Spirit.

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