Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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I love writing. Such words. Such flights of imagination. Such leaves of reality. Such the microcosm for the world gone wrong. Hey, I do it all the time.

We like to lose ourselves in thought. Not that there’s any truth there, but who cares? There’s wine, women (or men), and song! Or maybe just alliteration, rhythm, and trope. But I like it, yes I do.

Here’s some good stuff though:
People come to the party and ask. Who subdued the dual? Where did I go? Am I doubley dual when I play the fool? The nature of the Known is always- always- the Unknown, and every great Truth, as for those, take a look at its opposite- another great truth. Damn.

Thus, I propose ‘soft duality’............the new duality with half the hassle; one less problem: Big You. ‘ you’ would still exist, but no Capitals, only far side ranges of snow mountains clear and present.

Or maybe Subduality...
Nicely written. And there's more. But is the nature of the Known really the Unknown? Or is it the Unknowable? Ah, semantics. You gotta love it. But there is a subtle difference. So let me riff and have some fun as well.

Maybe the Unknown assumes there is something out there that is knowable, but one just doesn’t know it. Or maybe even worse, there are some, you may believe, who profess to know it, charlatans all! Or maybe the Unknown is some secret conspiracy in league against your knowing. Or maybe you just think we know it all, so how could anything possibly be unknown?

But the Unknowable suggests that there are some things we can never know, because of the limits of thought itself.

It suggests that human thought is severely limited by what data the senses can provide and how the mind itself will process it. It suggests that a world has been created from such thought. And that when you restrict yourself to thought alone, you will never understand anything beyond that severely limited world. Que sera illusion. Cue the suffering.

Within that world of thought, you do, indeed, exist. Enjoy it if it satisfies your secret inquiries. (Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. If it doesn't sound true to you, it isn't true for you.) But I'd suggest that you only exist within that world of thought. You’re a figment of that world’s imagination.

It’s kind of a subreality.

Peace to All and One,
Son Rivers

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