Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Jeremiad

It’s laughable really. As a species, which itself is a term we have created in order to classify and divide animate reality which is exactly the issue here at hand, we consider ourselves the epitome of life. We are the thinking animal. Woe to those other non-rational beings for they know not what they are.

But they at least do not think they are something they are not.

We have potential, no doubt. But we’ve wasted it on an illusion, burnt it up in thought, bought the marketing strategy we are individually unique and full of free will.

At least a hawk knows better. As does a rat for that matter. Or a newborn baby.

Everything we think, we’ve been taught. Not an ounce of who we think we are is true. Our senses create a world out of nothing and we create a dream out of thought. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, except we believe it all as truth.

We are blessed with awareness, but we’ve thrown it all away for safety’s sake.

In order to delay our death, we have chosen not to live. And in this limbo we call life, we fear and fear some more, and always suffer. We cry O what a God would treat its children thus. But we are the god that treat ourselves unkindly.

That none of it is true, that all is just illusion, is little comfort.

As a wise possum said, we have met the enemy and he is us. The kingdom of heaven is indeed at hand. Right here and right now. We have the ability to know God. For we are indeed the sons and daughters of God, the manifest. And in our recognition of the Father the Mother, the unmanifest, is that Holy Spirit, love.

And we are that: Consciousness, Being, Bliss; the self-realization of which is, indeed, our highest goal, and true epitome.

Peace to All and One,
Son Rivers


Anonymous said...

Fantastically said! I'll come back again. Maybe with questions if you don't mind.

greg perry said...

Thanks, and don't mind at all.