Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laughing at Erroneous Reality

In the dream, we think all things are steady. Not that motion isn’t seen or granted actuality. Despite Zeno’s Paradox, we move from point to point. Furthermore, we see the waters fall and feel the winds blow, to the wildest appearances of whirlpools and hurricanes. Yet these movements are merely relative to the steadiness we know to be all around.

But quantum physics tells us otherwise. All the world is energy and all the men and women too. Everything is always in motion. Quarks are spinning everywhere and always. But from our limited perspective of thought, it all appears relatively stable. Ha!

But as you fade away into true consciousness, as your self recedes into Self, two curious things are revealed. First, the world you once thought as stable now appears as manifestly unstable, transient, and variable. The world spins so fast as to become illusion.

But more importantly, it is now understood that Consciousness, Spirit, or Self, is more than steady, more than stable. In truth, it is fixed to the point of omnipresence. At first it feels like the pole star around which the world is whirling. But then you come to understand the world is actually spinning within it, like the echo of some great laugh in the depths of an infinite canyon.

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Nancy from said...

And, if time and space are part of the dream, then there is no motion at all. And, the Spirit that is omnipresent has nothing whirling because all is one.

"I am that, I am."

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