Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Superego!

In my readings to date, Gangaji’s discussion of the ego in relation to the superego is quite unique, and a great window onto the strategies of the mind to regain control and in turn command the world of spirituality itself.
Your superego is a simulation of authority designed to control your ego. It is based on feedback from others in your life.


If there is an ambition to be egoless, it is a red flag. What is wrong with the ego? Who has a problem with the ego? Does awareness have a problem with the ego? Only the superego has a problem with the ego, and it is a huge problem. The superego wants to control the ego.


Another interesting twist in the recognition of the superego is that if the superego is engaged in battle with the ego, it will definitely win. It is designed to win because it has "God" on its side. It is the authority. Whatever measly little arguments the ego can throw up, the superego will win, case closed. The impulse to listen to and be beaten by the superego is huge, but the willingness to stop and see what is under it will reveal the reality of the spaciousness beyond all faces of the superego. Then you will see that the superego is just sound and fury, signifying nothing but conditioned learning.


In recognizing the tendency of the superego to dominate the ego, without then having to establish a super-superego, you can simply welcome ego with its ambition and needs. In this moment, you can welcome them all--ego, superego, internal and external illusion-into the limitless consciousness that you truly are. Then you can experience yourself as a very limited human being with limited propensities.

~Gangaji from 'The Diamond in your Pocket'


abraxas23 said...

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have a look at

Desteni: How to be a portal

Your text is nice, but you managed to confuse me and that's not easy.

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greg perry said...

I find it clarifying. It's easy to look at the ego as the enemy of any kind of spiritual process. But in so doing, one only plays into the hands of the superego, which is that voice of authority that lives in our mind. For there's duality in there as well. So rather than fighting the ego, accept it and the superego for what they are: internal limitations of the mind, or just more illusion.