Thursday, January 22, 2009

just more universe being transformed

This thought has recombined itself after a short email exchange concerning the creative writing process. I believe it has some value.

Every thought we think is completely unoriginal. All of our thoughts are just recombinations of words we have read or heard from others. Sometimes the recombination is quite intricate and possibly revealing of a previously obscured truth, and there is value in that, but most often it’s not even a recombination, but an obvious copy.

Take writing. When writing creatively, when really writing in the moment, there comes a point when your mind is not involved in the writing any longer, but something other seems to be dictating the words to you. When finished, you marvel at what you’ve written.

In effect, you have surrendered your thought to Spirit. You are listening to the greater intuition. You (what you?) are being guided in the universal flow.

This could be called divine inspiration. There are some texts that claim to be divinely inspired, but aren’t. It’s a politically expedient tool to do so.

But there are others which reveal themselves to be so. You feel them in your gut. The consistent, thorough ones are great masterpieces. Read Walt Whitman’s ‘Song of Myself.’ Read the ‘Tao te Ching.’ Read the ‘Upanishads.’

They are not involved with illusion. They approach the eternal truth. In their own way, they are the unmanifest made manifest. When you read them, the bliss you feel emanates from that event.

Now not all divine inspiration need be a great masterpiece. There is room for the humble abode as well. A simple poem will do. Even a sentence could suffice. And that is the worth of such endeavor in this dream. You are a conduit for the unmanifest, and your poem, your word, is just more universe being transformed.

Actually, when aligned with Spirit, your life is a conduit, and that is the worth of any true and conscious endeavor, any impeccable word. Period.

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