Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seeing Sees the Seen

Again, it was a fleeting recognition. An understanding that this thought called “I” was not what’s seeing. What sees?

It was as if the river was looking at itself. It was as if that tree was looking at itself. And yes, it was as if this body was also looking at itself. But it wasn’t what was seeing.

Let’s talk dreamtalk. When I look at my hand, I know it’s not the essence of myself, but just part of an emanation of myself. I see my hand, but I don’t see myself. Even when I see as much of myself as I can see, I don’t see myself. So when the river sees itself, it only sees an emanation of itself.

The unmanifest sees the manifest. Seeing sees the seen.

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Psiplex said...

Had this type of experience this past autumn when walking on a perfect sunlit morning. Aware of seeing but not the 'I/Me', seeing as the changeless while having the physical sensation of the universe blowing on my skin as a gentle breeze. Didn't try to analyze it as it is a phenomena, but thankful for the stillness and peace encountered.

Thank you for posting!

One Love