Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Micro Assumes, Macro Shall Assume


Our bodies are self-intelligent. They breathe, beat heart, circulate blood, and a myriad of other functions on their own, with no action needed from ourselves. It is an intelligence beyond our doing.

As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm.

Therefore, as previously stated, the manifest world, Quantum Spirit, is sentient with Divine Intelligence.


To clarify, Quantum Spirit is one with Spirit. To repeat, the unmanifest becomes manifest as Spirit vibrates into different forms and patterns in order to cognize itself.

Now, there are two basic types of forms and patterns in Quantum Spirit.

First is the Universal Organization of Quantum Spirit. These are the basic building blocks of the universe ending in the atoms and molecules we know and love. Take carbon or water, for examples.

But secondly, there is the Local Organization of Quantum Spirit. On Earth, this is basically what we call life, be it vegetable or animal (or other).


For all intents and purposes, this Local Organization results in a wondrous amplification of Divine Intelligence, the Human Being being a particular local apex at this time and place of that amplification in the human point of view.

But again, it is important to remember that an organization is merely a temporary gathering of that elementary substance, which is itself an organic unity, One.

As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm.

We know ourselves to be one organic body despite the myriad organs and muscles and bones etc (forms and patterns). As in our body, so in the universe.

Moreover, every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you (Whitman).

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