Thursday, December 11, 2008

All You Need is Consciousness

...There is functioning in these body/mind organisms. There is physical functioning and there is mental functioning.

Physical functioning is experienced as bodily activity of various kinds.

Mental functioning is experienced as thoughts and mental activity.

And it is because of these activities, what the Buddhist tradition calls the skandhas, the thought processes, sensory perceptions, and so on, the functioning of the body/mind organism, that there is an assumption made that there is something, someone, here doing these things.

But that’s an unfounded assumption. To perceive that the skandhas are empty of an individual self doing them, is to awaken.

All there is, is Consciousness.


That’s why we call this the dream; everything, including the body/mind organism you call yourself, does not exist as something separate in itself, but only as an apparent functioning in Consciousness.

There is no separate self or mind, only dream characters in Self or Consciousness.

There is only thinking happening in this apparent organism, in these dream characters. We experience this. We experience thoughts happening; but the assumption that they originate inside these heads in something we call a mind is an unwarranted leap.

It’s the basic misperception from which everything else, all of dualism, all of the illusion of separation, all samsara, follows.
David Carse in 'A Perfect Brilliant Stillness' (paragraphs re-formatted and portions italicized for this posting)

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