Monday, December 8, 2008

The Secret of Manifesting Deuces

All this talk about the secret, manifestation, or intuition really requires one thing and one thing only. It’s that same old spiritual thing. And without it, all that talk is meaningless.

It’s like playing poker in a tennis match. It doesn’t really matter what is wild unless you recognize your side of the score has always been love.

In other words, lose the ego. See the dream for what it is. And be nothing. Now.

Otherwise, any intuition or intent will be lost in the noise of thought.

And rather than responding to the pull of the universe in the present, your action will be based on thought, which is really the pull of the universe from the past stored in memory, which means everything you do is based on a reality (or a dream) that doesn’t exist any longer.

So everything in your life is in a time delay, constantly rubbing against the current, the friction being what’s called suffering.

It’s like this. The universe might be telling you turn left, but you’re still reacting to some time in the past when you should have turned right. So this time you go right. Taking that turn one block way too late. When there isn’t even a road there on the right.

The result, of course, isn’t very pretty.

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