Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And That’s the (Unbelievable) Truth

Our so-called lives are as substantial as a thought. For our lives are exactly that: thoughts.

We have created our world with thoughts.

The natural world, although original within itself, is filtered in our perception by our thoughts; a tree does not call itself a tree. While the built world is a world of thought made physical. Even the world of culture and society is one constructed out of thought.

In this way, it can be said our lives are dreams.

Moreover, in this way, our lives can be seen as a string of thoughts, beginning with those of our parents, then teachers, friends, peers, and so on from Adam to ad infinitum.

In this way, it can be seen that not only is our life a dream, it isn’t even our own dream.


There is a reality beyond this dream, one that cannot be said, one that cannot be contained by thought, but one that contains all thought and all.

By some act of grace, there has been a wisdom in this world of dreams which has pointed to this reality. It points because it cannot be said. It points with subtle thought.

That thought is this and only this: surrender.

Surrender all belief in any thought (especially in that thought of personal identity we call ego).

In this way, the dream deconstructs. Then it is understood there never was a dream.

And no thoughts. No grace. No pointers. No surrender. Even no deconstruction.

Only Being-Consciousness-Bliss. Only That. Or what some in the dream call God. And You Are That.

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