Monday, November 24, 2008

Ramana Calls the West

“Well, Mr. Subramanya, I am waiting for an explanation of your whispered remark in the house of the Silent Sage.”

“And I have been waiting all this time to give it to you! Take your questions to my Master, for he is the wisest man in India, wiser even than the yogis.”

“So? And have you travelled throughout all India? Have you met all the great yogis, that you can make such a statement?”

“I have met several of them, for I know the country from Cape Comorin to Himalayas.”


“Sir, I have never met anyone like him, he is a great soul And I want you to meet him.”


“Because he has led me to you! It is his power which has drawn you to India!”

This bombastic statement strikes me as being too exaggerated and I begin to recoil from the man. I am always afraid of the rhetorical exaggerations of emotional persons, and it is obvious that the yellow robed yogi is highly emotional. His voice, gesture, appearance and atmosphere plainly reveal it.

“I do not understand,” is my cold reply. He falls into further explanations.

“Eight months ago I came into touch with him. For five months I was permitted to stay with him and then I was sent forth on my travels once more. I do not think you are likely to meet with another such man as he. His spiritual gifts are so great that he will answer your unspoken thoughts. You need only be with him a short time to realise his high spiritual degree.”

“Are you sure he would welcome my visit?”

“Oh, Sir! Absolutely. It is his guidance which sent me to you.”

“Where does he live?”

“On Arunachala — the Hill of the Holy Beacon.”

~Paul Brunton "A Search In Secret India' 1934

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