Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Microcosmic Meaning of Life

In earlier posts (the first of a series), I discussed the song of the cosmos, that universal movement towards higher levels of consciousness, i.e. awareness, that in fact the universe is intelligent, sentient, aware, that the evolution of matter is always moving towards the amplification of its awareness, and that the Human Being (on Earth) has evolved to a relatively high level of awareness, amplified by its highly refined nervous system and brain.

While reading one of Sailor Bob Adamson dialogues in Braha’s ‘Living Reality,’ I came across a description of the perfect microcosm of this movement: from deep sleep to awakening.

In deep sleep, that sleep without dreaming, we are completely unaware of our awareness. We still exist. Awareness is still there. But we are unaware of it. Upon awakening we become aware of our awareness. In one night, maybe one moment, we migrate through the eons of evolution.

But why has this happened, inquiring dreams want to know?

Now this next part, the simple answer to that ultimate question, deserves direct quotes: “Awareness can’t know itself if awareness is all there is. (snip) Awareness vibrates into different forms and patterns and cognizes itself.”

And there it is. In order to know itself, awareness energized itself into the forms and patterns we call matter. And after what our limited dream sees as eons of evolution, we are here and now, awareness self-aware.

Awesome. Awestruck.

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