Monday, November 3, 2008

Here on Gilligan's Isle

To a New Meta-Paradigm 2

Thought results in a separate virtual reality of knowledge, a world of duality created from the process of thought, and the Human Being's evolution of consciousness is detoured by and into that false reality of knowledge, wrongly believing it to be the true reality.

Because of this detour onto its separate and false way of thought, the Human Being dwells in its world of knowledge, its virtual reality, living in a dream of its own creation.

Therefore the Human Being has developed a false self called the ego (and the super-ego), and because of the essence of that ego's own falsehood and its ultimate void, it is required to acquire its identity in the world of matter, in both external forms and internals forms such as thought and belief.

But acquisition of identity through external and internal form is ultimately futile, becoming an unremitting cycle of wanting, leading to the madness of violence and suffering that is the human being's life on earth.


Anonymous said...


I've just discovered your blog via way of Anthroyogini's blog. I think I'm gonna enjoy reading your posts. :)

Funnily enough I've just written a post on a similar topic, although no where near as succinctly as you did. And it was actually inspired by going to see "Burn After Reading" - through which I saw just this. The madness of mankind although we don't see it that way, and our resultant insane actions...

Greg Perry said...

Welcome, svasti. Hope it continues to be enjoyable. That's a movie I intend on seeing.