Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Adyashanti on Ramana the Flame

Ramana Maharshi's gift to the world was not that he realized the Self. Many people have had a deep realization of the Self. Ramana's real gift was that he embodied that realization so thoroughly. It is one thing to realize the Self; it is something else altogether to embody that realization to the extent that there is no gap between inner revelation and its outer expression. Many have glimpsed the realization of Oneness; few consistently express that realization through their humanness. It is one thing to touch a flame and know it is hot, but quite another to jump into that flame and be consumed by it.

Adyashanti from 'Selling Water By the River' in Inner Directions Journal, Fall/Winter 1999

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Psiplex said...

That really struck home with me. Thank you!