Friday, November 14, 2008

The Damndest Thing

Enlightenment isn't when you go there, it's when there comes here.

It's not a place you visit and then remember wistfully and try to return to. It's not a visit to the truth, it's the awakening of truth within you. It's not a fleeting state of consciousness, it's permanent truth-realization - abiding non-dual awareness. It's not a place you visit from here, this is a place you visit from there.

You will never achieve spiritual enlightenment.

The you that you think of as you is not you. The you that thinks of you as you is not you. There is no you, so who wishes to become enlightened? Who is not enlightened? Who will become enlightened? Who will be enlightened?

You cannot fail to achieve enlightenment.

Enlightenment is your destiny-more certain than sunrise. Were you told otherwise? Irresistible forces compel you. The universe insists. It is not within your power to fail.

There is no path to enlightenment: It lies in all directions at all times.

On the journey to enlightenment, you create and destroy your own path with every step. No one can follow another's path. No one can step off the path. No one can lead another. No one can turn back. No one can stop.

Enlightenment is closer than your skin, more immediate than your next breath, and forever beyond your reach.

It need not be sought because it cannot be found. It cannot be found because it cannot be lost. It cannot be lost because it is not other than that which seeks. The paradox is that there is no paradox.

Is that not the damndest thing?

selections (some I've re-formatted) from Jed McKenna 'Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damndest Thing'

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