Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yet Another Twitter Poem: No Creed

No Creed

Within this land
of sense and thought,
Spirit is
the wildest seed.

At best, we do
prepare the ground,
but nothing grows
to meet our need.

The growth of Spirit
is Its grace
beyond our world
of word and deed.

In fact, this world
gets pulled away—
the fruit of Spirit
lifts that weed.

based on these 2 tweets:

Spirit is beyond all human understanding, is "experienced" beyond the senses and thought, and is not translatable by any human means.

It helps to prepare the ground, but Spirit is a wild seed. Its growth is its own grace. And its fruit is the destruction of your "world."

Poem tweets:

Stanza 1
Stanza 2
Stanza 3
Stanza 4

later revision: S1;L1: substituted "land" for "world

~Peace to All and One,
Son Rivers

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