Monday, March 2, 2009

The Songs of Consciousness

1. No Beginning

In the beginning
there was no beginning
and Unknowable
became the knowable.

The source of all
that’s knowable is neither particle
nor wave, but no uncertain
principle called consciousness.

Evolution amplifies
the mind and senses toward
the realization
I am consciousness

become aware
that I am That.

~Peace to All and One,
Son Rivers


Psiplex said...

A poem to honor your poem. This one about Nisargadatta Maharaj called 'All Ever Is"

All Ever Is

Bidi cigarettes from the small shop
in the alleyway
Old Bombay

The universe delivering
the unmanifested
to the all through
the little man, itself

upstairs in a room
over the small shop
up stairs to heaven
out within consciousness

Who is this ever?
Why, all ever is
Even from before, he speaks
I am That

son rivers said...

Thanks for sharing that poem, Psiplex. I really enjoyed it. Besides the message, the rhythm and the interplay of words is truly orgnal.