Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full Circle, Pt. 1

Two years ago I discovered the writings of Eckhart Tolle. Having just finished reading and re-reading Miguel Ruiz’s ‘The Voice of Knowledge,’ I found that Tolle’s ‘The New Earth’ occupied similar ground. When that book had been read and relished, I went on to ‘The Power of Now’ and thought it similar, if not a little more concerned with practices. Both books were not only revelatory but intriguing. I wanted to know their sources. As is this body-mind’s wont, I decided to do some research.

Therapy has taught me two things about the foundation of this particular body-mind complex: its father never introduced it to the world while its mother taught it to fear it. So my mind has tried to learn things on its own by observation and research. Beginning with the immediate world around me, I soon discovered things aren’t what they seem. In time, I pursued a graduate degree in history where not only did I learn that power and money hid behind the patriotic curtain of America, but I honed my research skills as well. Spirituality was just a continuation of this need to know the world, this time in an even larger, universal fashion. Now I would use those skills in that as well.

~Peace to All and One,
Son Rivers


Psiplex said...

More power to you. Big respect!

NewsOfTheSpirit said...

Understanding is the booby prize of life.