Friday, October 24, 2008

The Second Fall in Four Phases

Phase One: Doris Gets Her Oats

To caveat with that old Seinfeld-Advaita cliché, not that there’s any problem with this nor is there anyone to have one but—

There are many roads to the truth. Almost all contain a similar thread like a silver line running down their middle speaking to the illusion of ego with the suffering it engenders, and the underlying unity of the unmanifest universe.

Some call it Sacred Wisdom.

Phase Two: Watch That Second Step

Floyd Henderson in his blog writes, “Few will ever awaken (snip) Because six billion persons... have fixated at the religious (and/or spiritual) step” I’m not sure about the actual number, but I agree with the gist of the statement.

I feel it’s not as linear as Floyd thinks though. The religious effect is not a semi-permanent pause in some upwards momentum towards realization. Rather it is actually more insidious than that.

It is the second fall.

Phase Three: Giving You the Business

If the first fall is the belief in thought, the birth of the ego, and the resultant separation from unity, driving humans from their home in paradise and leaving them in a state of exile, the second fall provides a new home in hell.

The pointers of sacred wisdom have become misunderstood, and worse, transformed into the exact opposite of their intent. They have become hard thoughts, creeds and dogmas, that actually dualize unity and sacralize the ego.

Suffering is thereby a guarantee from their business (and I do not use that word lightly).

Phase Four: A Prayer

Sacred Wisdom addresses the first fall. No teaching really addresses the second. Instead, personal disillusionment is the universal means, and that only leaves the individual nowhere except back in exile. I know; I’ve been there.

I pray for a teaching that will point the way for those blocked in such a manner: a liberation non-theology and anti-proselytism. Because that second fall was a doozy.

Not that there’s any problem with this nor is there anyone to have one.

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