Monday, October 13, 2008

The Big Leap of Faith and Consciousness

Within my previous personal paradigm, there was a leap of faith concerning consciousness.

Somehow, some way, inert matter became conscious. This leap of consciousness landed ultimately on the human here on earth.

But this new paradigm of Quantum Spirit suggests that the universe itself is conscious. All matter is sentient to some degree. And human consciousness is merely one of amplification through the evolution of the brain and nervous system. (See Peter Russell's "From Science to God" for further amplification.)

So rather than call the beginning of the universe the Big Bang, I suggest we call it the Big (or maybe Large) Leap instead. In that way, we honor the Mystery with:
1. the recognition of our limitations in understanding such a beginning;
2. the realization that a leap of faith is necessary in any such understanding;
3. the common sense that such a leap should begin at the beginning;
4. the use of a name that didn't originate entirely in jest.

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