Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Giving the Infinite Definition: Mirage

Let’s begin with ILLUSION.

The world we experience through our senses is one illusion. Let’s call this one MIRAGE.

High school chemistry taught me all about atomic structure. Kind of. And some surface reading of Quantum Physics taught me some more. In a way. It’s enough to know a few things about this world I sense.

First, it’s not solid; in fact it’s mostly empty space. Second, it neither consists of particles nor waves, but either, depending how and when we view it. Third, these particles or waves may arrive from nothing at any time, made manifest from the unmanifest. Lastly, although we attempt to experience the universe in discrete units, it is not; it is one energetic interaction.

The world we sense is therefore an illusion, like a mirage. But there's more to illusion than this.

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