Monday, June 15, 2009

The Four EZ Platitudes

Don't know who you are? Try EZ Platitudes. Guaranteed to wake you up in less than 140 words or else we'll try another 140.

U R nothing. Everything U think U R is a bunch of lies U learned from someone else. Stop being so gullible. You're "God," so act like it.

OK, that one sucked, so let’s try another one. Why did you cross the road? The other side wanted to get to you. You got another answer doer?

So maybe third time’s the charm. You manifest nothing. You are manifested. At best, you’ll be given a heads-up. Otherwise, suck it up.

Stop being so pig-headed. After 13 billion years do you really think this here and now is all that special? OK, it is. Yeah, you too. Enjoy!

~Peace to All and One,
Son Rivers
twittered 13-Jun-09

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