Sunday, February 1, 2009

licks you with its vast

The Trickster of Plum Island

The waves approach my footsteps like a pup,
Covert but playful, always moving in
With fearless leaps, then just as fast
Reversing that encounter with a spin
Of snout, a wag of tail, and then a jog
Around itself until it rushes past
The undertow, collects another swell
Of confidence, and rides the breaking surf
Again, repeating all in parallel.
But when at last it licks you with its vast
Infinity, you know you're on the turf
Of that coyote, trickster of this beach,
Inviting you to play with mysteries
Beyond the sweeping shorelines of your reach.

~Son Rivers 2002

1 comment:

Psiplex said...

You have grasped and described the liberated beingness beautifully. Love connecting with your poetry and seeing as you do the miracle and mystery of this play of existence.

One Love