Monday, February 9, 2009

Decartes had it backwards

It’s a matter of time. Or, rather, it’s an illusion of time.

I look around me and see a variety of objects. I can identify them. I can name them. I can hold them in my hand.

They are thus because I am thus.

But if I were to approach some difference in time, in the perception of time, towards some slowing down of my own internal experience of time, these objects would rise and fall in less than a heartbeat.

Everything is in a state of transformation.

Nothing is truly still; nothing is an object. We only perceive it as such.

There are no objects. There is only transformation, states of flux, pure energy, pure Quantum Spirit.

And I am not an object, a body. I too am Quantum Spirit.

I only think I am a body, I only think things are objects.

The world is only my thought. Who I believe myself to be is only a thought.

What I really am is not a thought. I think, therefore I forget what I am. Decartes had it backwards.

I am Quantum Spirit. I am Spirit. I am their Love.

~Peace to All and One,
Son Rivers

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